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Listing of interpreters covering the Middle Ages

Ages AliveMedieval & Tudor Merchants, Adventurers & Engineers
Black LetterCalligraphy and illuminated manuscript production
Brad SteeleStonemason & Carver - Medieval
Company of ArtisansSaxon to Stuart Historic Building Crafts including: Wattle & Daub, Pottery & Tile-making Workshops. Anglo Saxon Scriptorium and Medieval illumination.
Confrère Justin & the HospitallersHistorical interpretation and education
Denise QuinneyPeddlar, Spinster & curiosities - Medieval & Tudor
Discover History2,000 Years of Historical Interpretation for Schools, Museums and Media
Dressed to KillMedieval Combat Shows & Entertainments
Elizabeth & Richard YorkEnjoyable Education: Medieval, Tudor & Victorian School, Museum & Historical Venue Visits
Happening HistoryHands-on Medieval displays for schools and historic sites
Happening HistoryA Penny Through Time! 8thC to 20thC
HautboisMedieval to 20thC: Period musicians and presenters
Haydn Easy & Gillie JonesSaxon to Victorian Blacksmithing, forge work, coin & token striking, herbs and household remedies
Historic Gardener Michael Brown Making Garden History Fun! Roman to 20thC
Jack GreeneRoman, Medieval to Stuart & Victorian Historical characters for Schools, heritage sites, museums, film and TV
Kay Rouse - The Medieval HigglerMedieval Hands-on Games & Chandlery
Kit and KateMedieval & Tudor Musicians
Lionheart ReplicasMedieval and Tudor pewter replicas making
Marking TimeMedieval to Victorian Hands-on Music & Instrument-making Workshops
Past Alive!Pre-history to 20thC Living history educational interpreters
Plessis ArmouriesMedieval & early Tudor Practical Armoury Demonstrations & Displays, Talks & Lectures
Quintains and CoronalsHistorically themed interactive activities covering Roman to 20thC
Raphael Historic FalconryHistoric Falconers: Our Medieval presentation
ReplicawarehouseReplicawarehouse: Supplies of replica & original items, Pre-history to 20thC
Saxon Village CraftsSaxon to Tudor Craft Demonstrations, History Workshops, Reproduction Artefacts
Soper LaneMedieval & Tudor Silkwomen and medieval braiding workshops
Stephen ChampionScrivener, Lipworker and Playing-card maker
Steve Wagstaff & Fiona RashleighMedieval Bookbinding & Accompanying Metalwork
The Crafty BeggarsMedieval & Tudor Craft Demonstrators and Musicians
The Mulberry DyerRoman to Victorian Presentations of natural dyeing, spinning and fibre production
Threads of TimeRoman to Tudor Living history, storytelling, school visits.
Trevor James MinstrelSaxon to 20thC Minstrel Extraordinaire
Victoria Shearman Heritage ResourcesRoman to Tudor & Victorian Heritage educator
Warp and WeftMedieval to Stuart Braiding, Weaving & Domestic Cookery Presentations