Tabulae Ltd

Historically Themed

What does it mean?

Whilst most of our accreditees are as 'authentic' as possible, (in that their costume and accoutrements are in the correct materials and are copied from originals/period illustrations) and remove any anachronisms from public view, we fully understand that this is not always omega replica watches uk appropriate or required.

We therefore also accredit those artists that meet our stringent professional standards whilst not professing to be fully 'authentic'.

The artists/performers that have the 'Historically Themed' note on their page, can be relied upon to act professionally and give an excellent performance, just like all of our accreditees, however they do not necessarily portray the historic time period accurately. They may, for example, use microphones or modern effects. This is to ensure that the performance that they give is to the highest standards of safety and inclusivity.

If you require an accurate portrayal of the historic time period these artists may not be what you need, but if you are looking for a theme or flavour of the period in question and want the best performers around, they may be just what you are looking for.