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A visit from Home Front Heroes brings the Second World War Home Front to life for pupils studying Key Stage 2 History. You get a full day of talks and activities without the trouble of organising an external visit. A typical day might consist of four sessions, which aim to cover the broad sweep of the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 History syllabus:

Session 1 - Preparing for War on the Home Front: Air Raid precautions, gas masks, and air raid shelters. Children can tackle incendiary bombs with a stirrup pump under instruction from the Air Raid Wardens, shelter from the Blitz in a Morrison Air Raid Shelter, handle gas masks and even sound the all clear on an air raid siren.

Session 2 - Making the Best of It. A look at rationing, Dig For Victory, Make Do and Mend, salvage and the Black Market. Also includes look at changing roles in wartime as men were drafted into the services.

Session 3- Leaving Home. A chance for your children to pretend they are joining the great evacuation. We provide suitable dressing up clothes, suitcases and toys for the great adventure.

Session 4 - Rounding it all off. We encourage you to get your children to bring a pillowcase to school with three favourite items to remind them of home. We explore what they have brought with them in their pillowcases.Then we present the children with Junior Fire Guard Certificates for them to take home to their parents as a souvenir of the day.