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Mark Taylor





We specialise in fully planned and realised Medieval corporate team building days for businesses as well as Family Fun days for all ages:

Ever fancied engaging the Boss - or maybe your Mum or Dad - with a real sword? (Of course, s/he gets the opportunity to wield one as well...) Our supervised tuition using real 15th century techniques and real swords offers safe Medieval combat - and is hugely popular.  It certainly does serve to let off steam... Suitable for all who can safely lift the sword - and obviously all genders.


How about Medieval Bill Drill? Muster to train with our pole arms and learn the traditional commands to succesfully defend your community.  (This is always particularly popular with younger girls and boys)



We can also offer fully insured have-a-go Archery for All using (our supplied) Medieval longbows and butts/targets - again this is suitable for most.  Expert tuition provides a steep learning curve!


We are always happy to discuss and accommodate your particular requirements for either corporate entertainment or general family fun events.