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Colin Torode






We are happy to undertake specific research and to discuss supplying information relevant to historic artefacts or to your particular site or property.  This 14th century candlestick was excavated from the Thames foreshore in London and is now in the Museum of London (We make it under licence from the MoL)

We are also able to research and make bespoke pilgrim badges - or other items - working from either originals or illustrations should you wish to acquire these either for resale or as commemoratives/for supply to special interest groups.



We already manufacture a large range of replica medieval and early Tudor pewter items, including pilgrim and secular badges, spoons, buckles and other dress accessories, plates and flagons.  Here left is a lovers' token where a hand proffers a bunch of flowers representing the truelove or Herb Paris - the original of this badge would have been given and worn as a symbol of love.


All of these items are made from lead free pewter. Please visit our website where you can view our complete range.