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We endeavour to bring to life the lives of the people who went to sea to trade, defend our shores and discover new lands, and those who funded their exploits. Telling tales of exploration, sea battles and pirates, using the navigational instruments, re-created period maps and artefacts I add a hands on, interactive experience for visitors. Additionally I have first hand experience of sailing tall ships which helps to paint a realistic picture of life at sea.

We demonstrate the importance of Early Shipping and Navigation including showing the function and use of an Astrolabe as part of our Medieval & Tudor historical interpretation for Schools (Keystage 2) History of Science presentations are our specialty - here on our our Tudor page we offer further spectacular advances!!

In order to bring the period fully to life for visitors in the guise of 'Leonardo's Engineers' we pose as characters claiming to have known Leonardo da Vinci as well as a financer of the project to construct and test the machines. Our characters will discuss the theory behind the designs and how they have influenced modern machines.

The centre piece of the fully interactive display is a full size working assembly of the famous Aerial Screw. Will flight be possible? Which of the machines fulfil the promise of the drawings? Visitors are invited to debate with the characters and view the machines in action.

Our pictures give a flavour of the display and show the famous aerial screw, which is thought to have inspired the helicopter.  We also show a springald, a pulley system, parachute designs and flying aids. Other designs that have been realised include an adjustable elevation bombard, parachutes and winged machines.

 It's a bit of a giveaway but to view the Aerial Screw in action see