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A Storytelling Workshop Outline:

Why not take an opportunity to explore just what makes a good story (or a bad one!) through the telling and sharing of tales that have survived and adapted through centuries - contrasted with those that now just die a death…

Do context and the mindset of their time dictate the successful story - or is the human condition universal? Does humour travel across time and cultures? Do we have to recognise ourselves or our circumstances to be engaged?

There will also be a chance to look at the use of language, drawing on personal resources, storytelling techniques, and the introduction of props or aides memoir. As well as being supported in telling their own short story individually, toward the end of the day participants may like to construct and tell a story as a group by using this or another collective experience and incorporating skills taken from the day.

This workshop has been given at The Weald & Downland Open Air Museum and elsewhere for adult special interest groups though it can also be adapted for children.