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Antarctic Adventurers is the only interpretation group in the world which specialises in the Historic Period of Polar Exploration. The group depict a sledging party of the period complete with all the clothing, sledge, tents and other equipment that would have been carried on a Nansen sledge between 1900 and 1915.

Since their formation in 2002, the group have taken part in many multi-period history shows organised by English Heritage and the National Trust as well as many museums and even the quarter deck of HMS Belfast. The group frequently appear at a number of premier events including the English Heritage Festival of History and the Annual Shackleton Autumn School at Athy in County Kildare.

When the group formed in 2002, a number of films and plays about the period were in production and many items from the Channel 4 film “Shackleton” and the play “Antarctica” were donated to Antarctic Adventurers when the productions were complete. Burberry also kindly gave the group sets of accurate reproduction Antarctic cover-alls.

The group has also built a reproduction Nansen sledge, a Nansen cooker and a Scott tent as well as recreated sledging rations of the period.

A further feature is a display of still and cine cameras of the period similar to those used by photographers like Frank Hurley and Herbert Ponting.