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Colin Torode





We offer a practical demonstration of the manufacture of medieval and early Tudor pewter pilgrim badges. 

The demonstration includes mould making and casting of replica badges. Only totally authentic tools, materials and methods are used. The practical demonstration is complimented by an explanation of the importance of pilgrimage to medieval people and the significance of pilgrim badges as mass produced souvenirs. Original artefacts are also used in the display. 

The demonstration is also suitable for the early Tudor period, when it will focus on the diminishing interest in pilgrimage prior to its extinction at the time of the Reformation.

We also manufacture a large range of replica medieval pewter. Items produced include pilgrim and secular badges, spoons, buckles and other dress accessories, plates and flagons. All of these items are made from lead free pewter. Please see our Specialist Services entry and visit our website where you can view our complete range.

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