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Jack Greene

Roman, Medieval to Stuart & Victorian Historical characters for Schools, heritage sites, museums, film and TV

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Jack Greene





Jack accurately portrays a variety of historical roles in costume, from 650AD to 1650, always with a wealth of props.

These wonderful presentations include: patek philippe replica watches

Alchemist, with a bewildering array of apparatus, experiments demonstrated, and principles discussed. Definitely outdoors unless particularly required.

Apothecary, drugs, spices, materials and equipment explained. Visitors prepare medicines. Indoors preferred.

Astronomer, charts and instruments demonstrated, Ptolemy vs Copernican systems discussed. Outdoor or access to outside required.

Barber Surgeon, nasty instruments, gruesome treatments and live leeches.

Blacksmith, Iron-age to 17th Century. Portable forges. Outdoors or open-sided building.

Chandler, tallow candles, rushlights made, beeswax and social history. Public can participate. 

Doctor, diagnosis by urine and discourse on humoral medicine. Indoors preferred.

Weaponry, Jack talks about and demonstrates the English longbow, the crossbow, and the arquebus, and/or the musket. 1400-1650 Roger Dubuis Replica Watches