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Denise Quinney

Peddlar, Spinster & curiosities - Medieval & Tudor

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Denise Quinney





Working as a costumed interpreter, portraying low-status everyday life. Suitable for schools and general public alike, the characters that I portray are all presented in the third person, to allow for ease of interaction with the audience.

Among the varied topics and characters portayed are:


As a strolling presence around the venue I sell merchandise to both public and interpreters alike.

Dating back to antiquity, the peddlar will enliven your market or fayre with the sort of character that would have been seen (and heard) throughout the world.


From fibre to fabric, my demonstrations of textile pruduction and fibre preparation show how the raw materials of wool or flax are made into the useful fabrics we still use today.

These demonstrations include spinning with a drop spindle and great wheel as well as weaving with tablet and backstrap looms.

Hands-on workshops are available.

Cabinet of Curiosity

A collection of replica artefacts for handling and discussion. Popular with both adults and children this talking point shows in detail the sort of everyday items our ancestors would have owned.