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Trevor James Minstrel

Saxon to 20thC Minstrel Extraordinaire

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Trevor James





My aim is to provide an insight into the world of the Minstrel and the Art of Minstrelsy

Featured Instruments: English Bagpipes, English Smallpipes, Bone Pipe, Gemshorn, Six Hole Pipes, Doublepipe, Renaissance Recorder, Three Hole Pipe & Tabor Drum, Plucked, Hammered & Bowed Psalteries, Gittern, Gothic Harp and Percussion.

With Music From; Many sources across Europe featuring wonderful tunes such as Brawls, Estampies. Ductias, Salterello and Art Music.

The Minstrels Tent - Dressed to period, provides the perfect setting from which to present a....

Demonstration and Talk - This begins with an introduction to some of the minstrel characters from the past, their lives, their skills and their talents. Each instrument is then demonstrated along with a brief history and explanation of how it works. The presentation is suitable for both children and adults with timings to suit (max. 6o mins). It may be concluded with a simple brawl (circle dance) or appropriate country dance.

The Recital or Concert - Consists of longer pieces of music played on selected instruments and may be used in conjunction witb the demonstration and talk. Timings to suit.

The Wandering Minstrel/Street Musician - Provides great atmosphere and music on the move at Historic Fayres, Banquets, Weddings, Markets, Corporate, Etc.

Maker and Perveyor of the fine "Pixie" Bowed Psaltery

C.D "Excerpts from the Chronicles" available direct