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Saxon Village Crafts

Saxon to Tudor Craft Demonstrations, History Workshops, Reproduction Artefacts

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Peter or Joyce Butler





Saxon Village Crafts offer a wide variety of historic craft demonstrations and workshops accross the Saxon/Norman, Medieval & Tudor periods.  We also sell hand-made, high quality reproduction artefacts.

These displays include:
horn, bone and antler working, charm and amulet seller, lantern maker, tablet weaver, herb gatherer, and leather bottle maker.
All of our displays are pictures from the past, full of obscure artefacts that will interest and intrigue the public.

Our history and craft workshops for museums and schools, allow children and adults alike to try out the craft skills of past peoples, to touch and wear their clothing, jewellery and weaponry, bringing history to life!

This leaves a lasting impression which will generate enthusiasm and ideas for years of future project work.