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I am able to tutor a variety of embroidery workshops and courses though here focus on those I have recently run at The Ashmolean Museum (Oxford), particularly that offered in conjunction with the Kevin Coates Bestiary Exhibition there.
These were full day workshops, titled ‘Embroidered Beasties’, given for up to 12 people with the principal aim of introducing the techniques of medieval embroidery while also expanding them into modern interpretations.
Participants were also encouraged to create their own personal bestiaries, perhaps to embroider an animal that reminded them of a loved one, a memory, or of a favourite character from literature. In the spirit of the medieval bestiaries this could be a real animal or an imagined one!
A small fee allowed each person to take home a simple wooden embroidery frame, linen or wool canvas, a needle, 3 hanks of naturally dyed wool (this should be sufficient for the project, but additional wool will also be available to purchase should participants require more to take home) and a hand-out explaining stitches and their history
The opportunity is given to work with me in one on one instruction for a practical lesson in the stitches used.  As it is unlikely that a project can be finished in a single day participants were also supplied with blog and email addresses for follow up work.
I would be pleased to design a workshop especially themed for your exhibition, museum, venue or property – please do contact me!