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In 2011 Tabulae Ltd was fequently asked by many former bookers whether we would be able to suggest sports themed historical activities to dovetail with the approaching Olympic Year...

Initially we were a little taken aback but on consulting with our members we realised that we did have a massive number of sporty presentations they could offer.  While some were quite obvious we did also uncover a fairly eclectic selection, many of which specifically referenced the Edwardian Olympics:


Shown here are a sedate Croquet playing couple, Kay Rouse & Tony Atthow of Higgler offering tuition to all-comers at Dunstable Priory Olympics Day (& complaining that Croquet only saw inclusion in the 1900 Games being inexplicably dropped thereafter...)



We also saw Emma & Mike of Raphael Historic Falconry expand their own Edwardian shows and highlight the revival of falconry, particularly as a sporting activity, not least including the full participation of the New Woman.

Prefiguring the looming centenary of The Great War, Paul Harding of Discover History is featured in soldierly guise not only playing football in the snow but also gloving up for a bout.

These, above, were just a vey few of the sporting presentations that Tabulae members offered with other shows including: Archery events spanning Medieval to 21st century; a Georgian Cricket Match (including a talk on the History of the Cricket Ball); a Regency Endurance Walker; a Victorian Tug o' War; an Edwardian Swimming Gentleman; Edwardian Golfers - and too many bowls, skittles, quoits & horseshoe contests to list individually...

If you too wanted a specifically themed event we are certain our members probably have similarly undisclosed talents waiting to be revealed for you!