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Medieval Fun Day for Corporate Clients

A 'Have-a-Go Day' (for all ages!)

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Kay Rouse





This initial very succesful 'have-a-go' day was given for a corporate client at Eastwood Hall Hotel near Nottingham: The client had chosen a medieval theme as this would reference  participants' knowledge of 'Robin Hood' but decided that they wanted a properly historic experience rather than a Hollywood one!

The individual corporate participants were worldwide regional directors and senior managers being given a 'fun day' at the finish of a conference week; while some had excellent English skills we were told that as others had little of any Europen language they would need easily demonstrated practical hands-on activities rather than complex instructions.

Dressed to Kill provided all round expert tuition with their Fight School: The have-a-go archery was especially popular - but not more so than the opportunity for taking on the boss with a sword...


Mistress Gilkes of Warp & Weft demonstrated spinning, weaving and braiding techniques - the latter offering delegates the chance to make a key fob to take away. (One regional director dutifully braided fobs for both of his daughters, each in their favourite colour)



Kay Rouse of Higgler encouraged cut-throat gambling while also explaining authentic ways to cheat!  Printed copies of Medieval games made their way home to Australia, Malaysia & Canada.



The Alchemist Jack Green continued his search for the Philosopher's Stone - amid much appreciated hissing, fizzing, smoke & explosions...



Karen Slade from Company of Artisans gave visitors a chance to make historic soaps to take away: traditional and highly scented ingredients were especially enjoyed by Japanese delegates.



Her husband Charlie Demonstrated tile making, again offered on a have-a-go basis



All was accompanied throughout the day by the very fine music of A Merrie Noyse - who also entertained everyone during the evening buffet meal.



Since the initial engagement we have expanded our idea further to look at providing family oriented corporate days as well as those for solo delegates.  We have also encouraged members to plan to link presentations to particular industry interests - e.g. building, communication, medicine - or offer historically linked lifestyle themes such as fashion, wellbeing, seasonal activities, etc.