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Black Letter

Calligraphy and illuminated manuscript production

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Tamara or Phil Pleasant





Black Letter can transport you to the world of a late Saxon/Norman or Medieval scriptorium, where the scribe and illuminator work together, recreating practices used during the golden age of illuminated manuscript production.

We work in a variety of formats and styles;


A variety of skills and techniques can be demonstrated. For example: calligraphy, text and border decoration, illumination, printmaking, ink production, quill cutting and use, etc.


Workshops in a variety of formats can be undertaken. This can be classroom style or on a more informal 'have a go/drop in' basis.

Black Letter combines the talents of Phil and Tamara Pleasant, who have 40 years experience in illustration, calligraphy and design. We specialise in producing artwork which encompasses pictorial and decorative imagery spanning the early medieval through to renaissance periods. This artwork is available to buy off the shelf or you can commission us to produce a unique piece to your specification.