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Steve Wagstaff or Fiona Rashleigh





We aim to demonstrate as authentically as possible some of the processes in making or using the items we produce and sell. At the moment this includes carving the wax writing tablets and filling them with beeswax, decorating some of the jewellery, and assembling items e.g. belts or capsula, and working a pole lathe.

We have a range of ‘authentic type’ tents which we use to display and demonstrate from and spend most weekends engaged by various sites.
At events where there are other Roman participants we try to re-create the workshop of a fabrica, and repair any items being used by others in their demonstrations or shows.

Fiona also has a long-term interest in history and with her qualifications in teaching and holistic therapies and interest in textiles enjoys demonstrating and explaining to the public. 
She enjoys presenting various aspects of Roman life. This includes demonstrations and talking about health and hygiene of the period with bath house and medical items, and demonstrations of cosmetic production, massage etc.

Fiona can also show some methods of making cloth, from fibre to textile, for both linen and wool, including combing of the fibres, spinning and small scale weaving such as the use of heddles and tapestry weaving for motifs on clothing some information on dyes and a variety of finished garments for the public to handle.