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Elizabeth & Richard York

Enjoyable Education: Medieval, Tudor & Victorian School, Museum & Historical Venue Visits

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Richard York





EDUCATION WORK: History visits to Schools, 
Museums, and Heritage Sites: Choices, & Information

Based in Northamptonshire, I mainly work here and in Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Herts, Bucks, Warks, Leics, Rutland, and S Lincs, but also travel more widely.

Why book Me? 
Ofsted said directly to me, "Quite exceptional - tremendous!"
"The Inspectors commented particularly on Tudor Day as a valuable learning experience for the children as well
as being fun to be part of."
teacher's letter following Armada Session.

Did you feel the day represented good value for money?
Yes. It was one of the few we managed to keep even with our shrinking budget!
John Hulse, Teacher evaluation sheet, October 2010


There are so many fantastic aspects to the day, bringing history alive, engaging all of the children (including some that I find it difficult to enthuse), that it is impossible to list all of the benefits on one piece of paper. All in all, it was a fantastic day and I know that the children will remember what they learnt for a very long time. 
Teacher evaluation sheet, November 2010