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Whether dealing with Evacuees, demonstrating the technicalities of Fire-watching, explaining food & clothing rationing or encouraging Make-do-&-Mend, Miss Rouse & Mrs Gilkes we provide a hands-on opportunity for students to experience many aspects of Home Front life.

Our presentations use both real and replica items - from gasmasks and period coinage to stirrup pumps - and while all these are designed to be thought provoking, they do also offer a great deal of FUN.  Where a full day is available we are able to cover a progression of WWII topics starting at the outbreak of hostilities and ending with a VE Day Party (as a perfect upbeat way to end the day...)

We provide period quizzes from contemporary publications, puzzles and mystery objects for identification.  We also have a wide range of WWII board, card and other games that can be enthusiastically played - from ‘Vacuation’ to ‘Aerial Attack’ - and we can often supply replica games to be retained by properties and schools for future use.

For outdoor events we offer the Camera Obscura as a Home Front fundraiser - now particularly dressed for Blackout Awareness Week...

Our WW2 thaumatrope activity provides bars to jail Hitler when the disc spins and our stereoviews show patriotic topics from Home & Empire.