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Great War Eye Magic! & Hands-on Games (for sneeky Recruiting...)

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Our newest presentation Eye Magic! offers an opportunity to join us for a hands-on experience of optical implements and kinetic toys, illusions and moving pictures. Our large walk-in Camera Obscura now becomes a patriotic rallying point - well decorated with red-white-&-blue bunting and also carrying a selection of emotive recruiting posters.  Our selection of period stereoviewers are offered for enjoyment our many original stereo cards now showing particuarly patriotic viws or scenes of our boys at the Front. We already have  fixed and 'pocket' trench periscopes which are due to feature in a special installation for 2014. Our make a thaumatrope workshop now gives a chance to put the Kaiser safely in jail.

Games now feature topical Great War themes: we have Militaire and other card games, Trencho (which is really 9 Men's Morris), Patriotic Skittles or Bagatelle, Shove Ha'penny, Crown & Anchor or other dice games - and much, much, more!


Many Suffragettes used their prior organisational abilities to focus on recruiting: both our Great War optics show and our games presentation can be steered to this purpose!  We are also able to offer a special pre-recruitment opportunity so that young people can assess their own suitability... Otherwise we are also able to provide a rest and relaxation station for the troops.