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Our newest presentation Eye Magic! offers an opportunity to join us for a hands-on experience of pre-cinema optical implements and kinetic toys, illusions and moving pictures. We have a huge range of original and re-created instruments: Stanhopes, stereoviewers, peep boxes, kaleidoscopes - and, of course, our large walk-in Camera Obscura. Here visitors can use our selection of period stereoviewers to enjoy our many original stereo cards showing scenes of empire or exotic foreign lands.  Our make a thaumatrope workshop is great fun.

With colleagues to provide both another militant Sufragette plus A Plain Clothes Detecting Officer we offer a street based show lobbying for Votes for Women and also particularly supporting the Women's Anti-Tax League. We have all the necessary publicity material, sashes, banners, rattles, bells, the ability to chalk pavements (by prior permission!) - and, of course, handcuffs & hacksaws... This is an edgy full-on interactive presentation with passers-by invited to take sides by the women or by the Detective. Given with great success both at Colchester and at Petersfield.

We also continue to focus on the very latest games for this period: Replica copies of topical board games such as PankAsquith (commercially produced) or In-&-Out-of-Goal (a newspaper freebie) or the card game Panko are available for hands-on play.  Some of these are sympathetic to women's suffrage, others poke fun, so an interesting experience... For the less politically motivated we can also provide have-a-go Croquet, quoits & skittles or a selection of replica children's toys.