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Edwardian & Great War: Votes for Women & A Patriotic Chance to Shine...

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Sarah Gilkes





With colleagues to provide both another militant Sufragette plus A Plain Clothes Detecting Officer we offer a street based show lobbying for Votes for Women and also particularly supporting the Women's Anti-Tax League.  We have all the necessary publicity material, sashes, banners, rattles, bells and the ability to chalk pavements (by prior permission!)  This is an edgy full-on interactive presentation with passers-by invited to take sides by the women or by the Detective.  Given with great success both at Colchester and at Petersfield.

At the outbreak of WWI many women put their suffrage aspirations on hold and threw themselves enthusiastically into war work.  The elegant Mrs Gilkes has become an organising member of Queen Mary's Needlework Guild ensuring provision of comforts for the troops - from warm mufflers to bags to contain the possessions of the wounded in military hospitals.  Either demonstration or participatory workshops designed to your requirements.