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Steve Wagstaff & Fiona Rashleigh

On the WW2 Home Front

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Steve Wagstaff or Fiona Rashleigh





We can offer a variety of home front demonstrations using a mixture of reproduction and original artefacts, all based on the activities of the ARP and WVS of the period.

WVS emergency kitchen: - a working emergency kitchen as manned by the WVS providing sustenance for the civilians made homeless after a bombing raid or for feeding the ‘troops’ on the civil defence training exercises. See how to make the best of the food ration, watch innovative ways of cooking, and washing your clothes ‘in the field’.

WVS Advice Centre: – how to make the best of what you’ve got! from ‘Make do and Mend’ to rationing (for everywhere not just food...) See how the WVS helped you to make your clothes last, save fuel, make toys for Christmas, make camouflage netting for civil defence and engage in knitting for the troops and hands on activities such as helping make a rag rug.

Salvage Collection: - recycling isn’t new; in the war they called it ‘salvage’. See which things were collected, have a go at sorting it out, then try to guess what it was going to be turned into.