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Steve Wagstaff & Fiona Rashleigh

Saxon Metalwork, Bookbinding, Textile & Domestic Presentations

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Steve Wagstaff or Fiona Rashleigh





Saxon Writing and bookbinding:

 We see what people wrote with and on and offer visitors the opportunity to have a try at writing on a wax tablet. We display worked examples showing the development from scroll to book and explore early bookbinding techniques.

Saxon Metal and leather working;

 We show how domestic metal and leather items were made and decorated using stamping and chasing techniques and exhibit the workshop and shop of an artisan of the period.

Clothing and textiles:

 Presentations of spinning and weaving demonstrations and activities. Visitors can see what the clothes and shoes of the period were made of, how they were made and worn, and what they tell you about the owners. We also explore how death and burials of the period have supplied information to us when the written record disappeared.